Saved By an Angel

By Peter Darcy | On Feb 7, 2015 | No Comments | In Angels

By Peter Darcy

I was touched by an angel once, not in a literal sense, but in a way that made a lasting impression on my soul.

It happened on the morning, almost two decades ago, that the back of my little Toyota truck was wracked by a gust of wind on a wet highway as I was driving to attend a prayer service. Had that puff of wind hit the heavier front end of the truck there would have been no incident, but it buffeted the precise spot at the back of the light truck that caused it to snap into a tailspin of frightening violence in the middle of sixty-mile-an-hour traffic.

In that instant of terror, my usually quick reflexes froze. The truck was skidding through a gap in traffic on the congested highway and heading in the direction of the grassy median strip. Unbelievably, not another car was touched, yet, at that same instant I could see that the truck was certain to hit the grass and flip multiple times or perhaps speed across the grass and plunge headlong into oncoming traffic. Paralyzed by fear, I couldn’t analyze the scene; I could only cry out because it was evident that my earthly life seemed to be rapidly drawing to a close. As the truck careened sideways, spinning and wobbling like a child’s top on a table, I cried out, “Angel! Help!”

Flash. On about the third turn of the truck on the slippery road, the spinning motion suddenly stopped, and the vehicle emerged from its spin parallel to the grass an instant before it hit the median strip. It did not plow into oncoming traffic – thankfully. But sliding sideways and hitting the grass with great momentum, the truck should have flipped at least four or five times into the median.

Call it a miracle, but as soon as the truck hit the median broadside, there appeared – as sure as I live – a “presence” outside the driver’s window. The truck’s sideways momentum immediately ceased, and I distinctly understood the presence to be a person, who “felt” to me like a strong man gripping the top of my truck at the level of his chest like a barbell in a gym, gently easing it down on its side. As I became aware of the strong presence, my head hit the driver’s side window and I passed out, but the truck didn’t flip once or even roll over on its roof as the laws of physics dictated that it should have. It trundled calmly onto its side, and I watched the grass rise gently to my window with the side-view mirror pushing firmly into the sod in what seemed like slow motion during my last wisp of consciousness.

I was awakened some minutes later by a few Good Samaritans who had seen the spin-out and stopped to help. Soon I was in an ambulance rushing to the hospital where I was cared for and discharged a few hours later with little more than a bandage on my forehead. The accident had knocked me out for a couple of minutes and had given me a nasty bump but, thankfully, I was spared a concussion.

The mysterious gap in the traffic, the truck coming out of its spin and straightening out at the last second, the real-time suspension of the laws of physics, the easy let-down of the car at the moment of impact, the lack of collision with any other cars, the absence of any serious injury – who made all that possible?

Written by Peter Darcy

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