Misericordia: A Meditation on the Shroud of Turin

By Peter Darcy | On Mar 3, 2015 | No Comments | In Inspiration

By Peter Darcy

Face of misery, face of pain,

Man of sorrows, loss, and strain.

What comfort shall I offer You

Whose life is torn and piercéd through?

Hands of charity, hands of toil,

Harsh nails Your works of goodness spoil.

Where shall my weak hands learn the art

Of generous love Your hands impart?

Feet of pilgrim, feet of God,

With spike and blood You are now shod.

Why can my feet not stay upon

That way to which Your feet were drawn?

Heart of suffering, heart of flesh,

Sad victim of a lance’s thresh.

When will my heart accept the wound

To which Your heart was not immune?

Soul of anguish, soul of grief,

Labors so long, life so brief.

How shall my soul, weak and lost,

Carry and love your precious Cross?

Face of clemency, face of light,

Your sorrows set the world aright.

And now I know what I must do—

It’s mercy that shall comfort You!

Written by Peter Darcy

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