The Quiet Heart

By Peter Darcy | On Apr 22, 2015 | No Comments | In Dogs

Dogs live most of life in Quiet Heart.

Humans life mostly next door in Desperate Heart.

Now and then will do you good to live in our zip code.


You’re still not in Quiet Heart if in a crowd. Pack of dogs can be calm, but not often pack of humans.

If TV is on, is not Quiet Heart. We don’t have TV in Quiet Heart. Or Radio. Or video games. Or phones or even on Blackberry. No Internet.


Humans are afraid of calm. Move, move, always move. Fill lives with dramas, big and small. Think, think, always thinking, but never the special thoughts that come with calm.

Only kind of thoughts that matter.

[Dean Koontz, Bliss to You (Hyperion: New York, NY, 2008), p. 17, 19, 23.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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