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Sunshine! Sunrise! Sunset!

Rain! Walk in rain, fur wet, smell so good!

Snow! Wind, wind, wind of a million smells!!!


When every day heart swells with gratitude for all gifts of life, you are on brink of bliss. To know such deep constant gratitude, you had to shed so much.


To approach bliss, you had to shed idea that life is about you first, had to realize life is about others. Therefore you have overcome tendency to think like cat.


To approach bliss, you had to shed pride, had to shed idea that fame and power are important. Had to see beauty of humility.

To approach bliss, you had to shed bitterness that loss can inspire. Loss hurts because what came before it was so sweet.

Be grateful for the sweet.


Running in meadows! Swimming in lake! Chasing ball! Tug toys! Squeaky toys! The loving hand! The scratch behind ears! Cool water for thirst! Kitchens and all their smells! Visitors come to play! The human voice and the gentle word! Ears to hear with! Eyes to see! Tongue to taste! A heart big enough to hold it all – the wonder, the mystery, the beauty!

Oh, the grace.

Bliss to you. From me, Trixie Koontz, who is dog.

Bliss to you forever.

[Dean Koontz, Bliss to You (Hyperion: New York, NY, 2008), p. 149-158.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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