The “Imitation of Christ” on Divine Mercy

By Peter Darcy | On Jul 26, 2015 | No Comments | In Faith and Virtue Quotes

You must often return to the source of grace and divine mercy, to the fountain of goodness and perfect purity, if you wish to be free from passion and vice, if you desire to be made stronger and more watchful against all the temptations and deceits of the devil.  The enemy, knowing the great good and the healing power of Holy Communion, tries as much as he can by every manner and means to hinder and keep away the faithful and the devout.  Do not remain away from Holy Communion because of a small trouble or vexation but go at once to confession and willingly forgive all others their offenses.  If you have offended anyone, humbly seek pardon and God will readily forgive you.  (Book 4, Ch. 10)

Written by Peter Darcy

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