Contemplating the Angels

By Peter Darcy | On Jan 15, 2016 | No Comments | In Angels

By Peter Darcy

In contemplating the holy angels, we are contemplating the brightest and most dazzling sparks of God’s divinity. Angels are not divine – they are creatures – but they are wondrous reflections of the divine, which is inexhaustible in its essence and the source of all Goodness, Beauty, and Truth. Their beauty causes us to ask, “If these creatures are so glorious, how much more must be their Creator?” This is a hint as to the angels’ mission. They do not want us to look upon them as objects of fascination; they want us to look through them to the Source of their life and glory. To miss the Object of their love would be like standing before a work of one of the great masters in an art museum lost in the brushstrokes, imagery, and magnificent colors while missing the talent that created the work of genius. A beautifully-crafted work of fine art really says more about the artist than it does about the subject of the painting.

Angels are God’s most ravishing masterworks of spiritual art. They are both transcendent and transparent to us, more like living, breathing stained glass windows conveying divine light to the viewer and less like the Mona Lisa, which is a magnificent work of art in itself but is nevertheless just paint a two-dimensional canvas. Angels are deep, mystical masterpieces of life and love, more worthy of contemplation than the greatest human creations. They are living, timeless, dynamic works of eternal artistry that will never pass away and will never become dim or damaged over time. With spiritual eyes we can see an eternal light shining through them and can witness the story of our salvation reflected in their ministry. With our spiritual ears we can hear otherworldly sounds of angelic joy filling the heavens and the lives of every soul they serve. In their magnificent forms, brilliant colors, and eternal luminescence we perceive the very Beauty of God.

Written by Peter Darcy

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