Unhealthy Fear

By Peter Darcy | On Mar 12, 2016 | No Comments | In Truth

[Spoken by the fictional Alfred Hitchcock:]

“As an adult, I loved to drive, to be behind the wheel with open road ahead. But I so dreaded being stopped by a traffic cop – dreaded it like death, Mr. Thomas – that I hardly ever drove. I left all the driving to Alma or hired drivers even before I could afford to hire them. Always questioning your motivations is a healthy thing, but fearing your capacity for doing the wrong thing, so that you retreat from many aspects of life, is a terrible error in itself.”

If I’d had a father capable of wisdom and interested in passing it along to a son, this might have been what it would have felt like.

[Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd (Bantam Books: New York, NY, 2014), p. 386.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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