Grandmother Love

By Peter Darcy | On Apr 3, 2016 | No Comments | In Good-Evil

Describing 86-year-old Edie Fischer, who ran a secret organization of people who fought against the forces of Satanic evil:

She had one of those faces—fine-boned and symmetrical—that not only weathered the years well but also pushed the GRANDMOTHER LOVE button deep in your psyche, so that you took seriously whatever she said and felt it to be wise. Her soft skin hadn’t wrinkled randomly, hadn’t puckered her face in unflattering ways; every line seemed to have been designed to maintain a gentle and genteel countenance and to have been executed by a seamstress to royalty.

[Dean Koontz, Saint Odd, Bantam Books: New York, NY, 2015, p. 206.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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