By Peter Darcy | On May 18, 2016 | No Comments | In Good-Evil

Duty doesn’t need to call; it only needs to whisper. And if you heed the call, no matter what happens, you have no need for regret.

Stormy Llewellyn, whom I loved and lost, believed that this strife-torn world is boot camp, preparation for the great adventure that comes between our first life and our eternal life. She said that we go wrong only when we are deaf to duty.

We are all the walking wounded in a world that is a war zone. Everything we love will be taken from us, everything, last of all life itself.

Yet everywhere I look, I find great beauty in this battlefield, and grace and the promise of joy.

[Dean Koontz, Odd Apocalypse (Bantam Books: New York, NY, 2013), p. 16.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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