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Conversation between Odd Thomas and 86-year-old Edie Fischer, concerning their attempt to stop a terrorist act:

I told her about the dream of the flood, about Malo Suerte Dam and the stolen thousand kilos of C-4. “But you see ma’am, I never know about my dreams. Sometimes they’re literal, other times only symbolic. If I have to live with this gift, I don’t understand why things can’t always be clearer to me.”

Patting my cheek affectionately, she said, “Because, dear boy, then you would be just another silly superhero who’s never really at risk.”

“I could live with that.”

“But you might then grow too certain of yourself, cocksure and arrogant. Even you. And then you might become one of the very people that my network of friends mist thwart. Isn’t that a lovely word—thwart?”

[Dean Koontz, Saint Odd (Bantam Books: New York, NY, 2015), p. 207.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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