Give me thy grace, good Lord, to know my own wretchedness, to humble myself under your mighty hand, to bewail my sins, to patiently suffer adversity, to gladly bear my purgatory here, to be joyful in tribulations, to walk the narrow way that leads to you, to foresee and consider always the everlasting fire of hell and to pray for pardon before the judge cometh.
~St. Thomas More


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Jonah Kirk (Bledsoe) referring to Mr. Yoshioka who had been interred in an American concentration camp for Japanese during the Second World War: Back then, I had a narrow definition of heroism. My conclusion that Mr. Yoshioka lacked courage arose from ignorance, as later I would learn. After you have suffered great losses and known much pain, it is not…

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In this world, Evil works through countless surrogates. Its name is Legion. But Good works through surrogates, as well, and they are legion, too. [Dean Koontz, Saint Odd, Bantam Books: New York, NY, 2015, p. 325.]

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Love is Not the Whole Answer – There is also Hope

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Reading the words on the T-shirt, remembering the man from whom Old Yeller had stolen a sandal along the interstate highway in Utah, Curtis says, “‘Love is the answer.’” “It’s true, I suppose,” Ms. Tavenall says, “even when it’s said by people who don’t mean it.” Rising from his chair, Curtis Hammond shakes his head. “No ma’am. If we’re talking…

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Not Full of Self

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Charlene Coleman, maternity-ward nurse on the night that I was born and still on the job at fifty-nine, has not entirely lost her Mississippi accent after all these years in Colorado. She’s as sweet-faced now as she was then, and certainly as black. She has gained some weight, which she attributes to years of free pastries from my father. But…

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The Power of Kindness

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Not one day in anyone’s life…is an uneventful day, no day is without profound meaning, no matter how dull and boring it might seem, no matter whether you are a seamstress or a queen, a shoeshine boy or a movie star, a renowned philosopher or a Down’s-syndrome child. Because in every day of your life, there are opportunities to perform…

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