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Land of the Free Home of the Frightened

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One day last week I went on my daily run, which takes me down a long street where many people walk their dogs and get exercise. As I approached a lady who was trailing behind a cute little dog, I asked if I could pet him. The lady turned on me with a look of [...]

This Article is Not About the Coronavirus

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Are you tired yet of all the “all Coronavirus, all of the time” news coverage? I certainly am! Well, here’s some relief: this article is not about the Coronavirus. It’s about what comes after. Mom's Sage Advice My mom was a perceptive observer of humanity. Often, when one of her children would have a problem [...]

Saint Joseph the Worker          

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St. Joseph is the friend and ally of all believers: he is the patriarch of God’s holy people, the saint of workers, and the patron of the Universal Church. We owe much to his constant patronage. Only in heaven will we really see how fully the silent saint has interceded for our welfare. Above all, [...]