By Thomas McKenna

The nation reeled in revulsion with the 1991 revelations about the thirteen-year killing rampage of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Dahmer’s blatant evil assaulted the public’s imagination through a series of grisly images and graphic descriptions that came to light showing the extent of his crimes. That barbaric animal drilled holes into the skulls of his victims and filled the holes with muriatic acid; he photographed his victims in obscene postures; he stored their body parts in refrigerators, and even cannibalized several of their hearts. The truly satanic nature of his acts became clear when he plasticized and painted a number of the skulls which he intended to use as adornments for an altar that he was planning to build to his god of death. The only indignity Dahmer did not inflict upon his victims was the sale of their body parts for profit. He would leave that grisly business to his ideological soul-mates at Planned Parenthood.

Dahmer only sliced and diced seventeen innocent people (two as young as thirteen and fourteen), but he made no money from their pain and suffering. Planned Parenthood and their medical henchmen have killed and dismembered millions of innocent children with impunity in the past four decades and profited diabolically from those deaths. As Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s video The Silent Scream made clear to us more than three decades ago, the unborn child is dismembered, burned, shredded and torn to pieces by the various forms of abortion. It is always a violent, excruciatingly painful act perpetrated on a completely innocent and vulnerable victim. If someone brutally ripped a limb from your body without anesthesia, would you suffer?

Clearly, Planned Parenthood’s deeds in number and kind are even worse than Dahmer’s. At the very least, there is some basic moral equivalency between the two. But most Americans don’t even acknowledge the comparison of abortion with serial murder – which says a whole lot about us. We are afraid to call the act by its true name. Isn’t there something terribly wrong with a country that shrinks (or at one time shrank) in horror at the one atrocity and yawns lethargically at the other?

In 1991 America was still capable of moral loathing and outrage. The national consciousness bristled at Dahmer’s monstrous crimes then. But the recent undercover videos of Planned Parenthood workers talking about dismembering babies for profit seem to elicit no such visceral outrage now. It was as if David Daleiden’s investigative journalists had captured a series of female Joseph Mengeles frankly describing their heinous crimes on video for the world to see, and the nation dozed through the ordeal like the guilt-ridden disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane. Worse, America sits in listless silence while Planned Parenthood sends the temple guard to arrest the one who exposed the crimes! Facing the reality of it all seems to require the expenditure of too much moral capital. Apparently, slumber is easier than conversion.

We are a different nation now. We are callous and hardened to evil. At best, we are apathetic toward the devils that live next door to us. It’s not just that we have been worn down by numerous decades of political scandals, Hollywood promiscuity, slasher films, and graphic displays of evil-as-entertainment. It’s rather that turning a blind eye to the unrelenting genocide of little babies through abortion for forty years does something to the soul of a nation. We’d rather be like the monkey that covers his eyes in order to “see no evil” because to do so would force us to admit that we have become part of the evil.

This moral torpor is not universal in the body politic, however. At least not yet. The heroic men and women of the pro-life and pro-family movements function as the moral conscience of our nation. But consciences can be stamped out. When Presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders vehemently assert that they will actually send the DOJ, Homeland Security, the Gestapo, whatever, against those who don’t uphold the “right to choose”, we are bordering on the brink of moral annihilation let alone the dissolution of religious freedom. I don’t say that for shock effect. We’ve tottered at the rim of this pit for several decades now, and the hardening political climate makes it clear that we are actually at the tipping point of national disintegration. That is to say: we cannot aid and abet, abide and applaud Dahmer’s daughters at Planned Parenthood for so long and expect that the Angel of Death will pass over us and go on to someone more deserving. Pharaoh and the Egyptians might have cause to complain of unfair treatment.

But it’s also true that we were duly warned of this slide into moral chaos. Nearly one hundred years ago, Our Lady of Fatima predicted that the world would become a much more wicked and hateful place if people did not turn back to God. The world has become that place. She might have predicted that the world of the womb would turn into a generalized killing chamber, but She didn’t need to. Evil is the same in any age. It doesn’t change its character, just its tactics. One century after the fact, Our Lady’s prophecy is abundantly fulfilled for anyone who has eyes to see. Do I need to convince anyone that the world is now a very a nasty place – or that it’s getting nastier?

In this time of political and moral disarray, it would be easy to lose hope for our nation’s future, but Our Lady also provided us with some clear guidelines to regain the soul of our nation, principles which are applicable even when the possibility of such a recovery seems so far gone. If we honor Her concerns, we will see miracles. She both promised them and delivered them to a world that thought all was lost at the end of the First World War. She worked the famed Miracle of the Sun before the eyes of 70,000 people to remind the world Who really controls human history and the elements of the universe.

Here’s Her simple peace plan: prayer, particularly the Rosary, and fasting to bring reparation for the monstrous sins of our world; wearing the Scapular and individual reform of life; devotion to the five First Saturdays. These simple remedies have more power to change hearts than anyone realizes. They just need to be put into practice. Like all spiritual forces, they derive their greatest power from the faith of the ones who practice them. “Your faith has saved you,” said Jesus to more than one person He healed. If millions of faithful people implement Our Lady’s peace plan, our nation and the world will be saved. I’m not being dramatic: Our Lady promised it.

Thomas McKenna is the founder and Executive Director of Catholic Action for Faith and Family. He currently leads Cardinal Raymond Burke’s Rosary campaign “Operation Storm Heaven” and has been the official guardian of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima on numerous international trips for the past thirty years.  He is also the author of an upcoming book on the Statue in preparation for the hundredth anniversary of Fatima; please see his website at