Mister Buddy’s Guide to Non-Profit Leadership


Paperback Edition (5.5″ x 8.5″)

Did you know that the Titanic disaster held some breathtaking examples of leadership success as well as failure?

Did you know that a teenage girl from the 15th Century led an entire nation to war and could be your leadership mentor in the 21st Century?

If you have been called to leadership in a non-profit organization, the church, or a helping industry of any sort, these and other stories will inspire you to leadership success.


In Mister Buddy’s Guide to Non-Profit Leadership, Peter Darcy offers one mission leader’s idea of “best practices” in the non-profit sector. You will learn what makes a mission-oriented organization and its leaders tick. Full of engaging stories and practical realism, this book will inspire you to leadership success.

Mister Buddy, the family’s hilarious Yellow Lab narrates throughout and you won’t want to miss his words of wisdom on life and leadership. He’s pretty shrewd when it comes to managing those unpredictable, and sometimes unruly, characters known as humans.


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