There is almost nothing happening in American cities and capitals today that is honest.

The claim of unrepentant, systemic racism is the spark that has lit the fire of the current social unrest. We’re told that racism is so deeply rooted in our nation’s consciousness that America is irredeemable.  That is an atrocious lie.  Racism isn’t systemic in America – corruption is.

Anyone making a claim of “systemic” anything must back up that claim with evidence of a generalized problem. But evidence is totally lacking for systemic anti-black racism, unless you look to the founder and current policies of Planned Parenthood, which seems curiously exempt from accusations of racism.

America has gone farther than any other nation on the face of the earth to address this problem culturally and institutionally. Single or isolated racist acts do not prove that racism is systemic in the entire body politic. Is racism historical? Yes. Is it periodic? Yes. But systemic? No evidence. Period.

The real problem we face today is the generalized rot in the political and cultural institutions of our once-sane society, not systemic racism.

Evidence: waves of devastation

Anyone with the slightest sense of decency can see what is happening.  The senseless riots, political violence and malfeasance, race baiting, identity politics, shameless lying, vicious censorship, endless investigations and prosecutions, the ideological persecution of innocent citizens, etc., are all manufactured by elitists.  Their goal is total political power over the most dynamic and prosperous nation in the world.

The unfortunate success of the elitists in this corrupt endeavor has already destroyed dozens of American cities and metropolitan areas.  Gone are so many small businesses that were built by hard-working people looking to create a better world for their children.

Lawless Millennials have inflicted hundreds of millions of dollars of damage and destruction on once-proud cities.  These cities will never be the same after the 2020 devastation. The rioters have shredded decades, and in some cases, a hundred years of incremental growth overnight.

The obvious corruption

What is perhaps most shocking about this “French Revolution in real time,” as Ben Shapiro has called it, is not the destruction of property, which is bad enough. The real crime is the total dereliction of duty by the local, state and national politicians.  These politicians have abandoned all pretenses that they are defenders of the commonweal. In fact, it’s worse than that. They are aiding and abetting the lawlessness and resisting every effort of federal authorities to protect the rights and property of law-abiding citizens.

The politicians’ betrayal of their sacred oath is the most obvious corruption in this revolution against common decency. It is only slightly worse than the stony silence of the majority of opposition politicians who cower behind the chaos without condemning it or lifting a finger to stop it.

Corruption is both an active and a passive force. Those who commit or abet crimes are aggressively and at times shockingly actively corrupt. Those who stand by in silence and do nothing when criminal behavior runs rampant in our culture are passively corrupt. Both types of corruption are killing our country. And both types of corruption are systemic.

I regularly hear decent people asking themselves an honest question: How did things get this bad? Our nation seems to have exploded overnight into a frenzy of hatred and violence.

Corruption’s air support

If the egregious (and deliberate) failures of politicians are evidence of corrupt politics, we can find the deeper corruption in their air support – the lying, despicable, propagandistic media. Just as the lamb-like monster speaks with a dragon’s tongue in the Book of Revelation (13:11), these institutions twist the perception of everything in the public forum to their own purposes. The mainstream media outlets have become moral monsters in every sense.

The corruption of the truth has penetrated so deeply into these institutions that it is now impossible to believe anything that rolls off their forked tongues. They deal in outright lies, half-truths, insinuations, misdirection and false contexts.

Consider the cabal of organizations involved in the propagandizing of every aspect of culture.  Cable and television networks, social media outlets, entertainment outlets have lead the charge. Now, apparently, even sports teams and their news services are complicit in spreading the propaganda.

Thankfully, conservative media outlets display evidence of this deep corruption.  The evidence is clear each time they show a montage of media spokespersons using exactly the same terms and operating from the exact same talking points in their reporting. These clips are not attack pieces generated by right-wing ideologues; they are the media’s own words!

Now, nothing of our public discourse has been left untouched by the professional liars who wish to seize total control over culture and politics. Their corruption is systemic.

Deeper yet: the schools

Middle-aged operatives are now the banner-bearers of the “long march through the institutions” promised by radical feminists in the ‘60s.  The young marauders populating anarchist movements like BLM and Antifa are the fruit of that institutional corruption, particularly of our educational system. The elitists have played the long game in indoctrinating youth with toxic ideas.  Now we are seeing evidence of the systemic corruption they have wrought over several decades.

On the one hand, you have to admire, in a perverse way, the tenacity of the fanatics whose purpose is to destroy everything from top to bottom. We can only wish that the decent people of our society had such passion and adamant will to promote the common good. Sadly, the radicals have been most effective in our schools.

Evidence of the fanatics’ success is not just in the hideous young faces and blighted souls we see on the news reports every night. It’s found throughout the corrupt educational “establishment” itself.   Our children’s souls have been saturated with Planned Parenthood sex education, twisted historical indoctrination, hatred of America and propaganda for every type of immoral lifestyle, movement and fad. A tsunami of de-formational influences has been unleashed that leaves young people with perverted souls and without an actual education!

One brilliant technique that spotlights the corruption is the “man on the street” interviews. We sometimes see these on the news or the Internet. The interviewer asks simple questions about American history or civics.  The average public-school-educated drone stands before the camera in stunned silence.  He or she is utterly perplexed that such a question would penetrate into his or her alternative universe.

The deepest level: spirit

The types of corruption described above have penetrated deeply into our national soul.  Only Christ can save us from the dissolution and death that such corruption will inevitably bring to our nation.

Spiritual degradation is the deepest level of corruption.  Without the Spirit of Christ as our guiding light, America is doomed.

What evidence do we have of spiritual corruption?

The Christian public has for decades permitted, in sickly silence, the rampage of objective evils through our culture.  Prayer was outlawed in schools.  Contraception and abortion were institutionalized as “healthcare.” Rampant porn and the sex trafficking industry grew.  Militant homosexuality and institutionalized atheism became norms.  And the list goes on.

With some exceptions, the overwhelmingly Christian population of America has greeted all of these aggressively corrupt and corrupting initiatives with nothing but bored yawns.

It was no surprise, then, when all but a few of America’s Christian churches caved into unwarranted government demands that they simply shut their doors in response to the coronavirus.  But abortion clinics, marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores remained proudly open for business.

There is hardly stronger proof that the spiritual corruption in our country is systemic too.

Salt and light

Yet, despite all this evil, we cannot live without hope.  The Holy Spirit of Christ gives us the greatest hope that we can make a difference in reversing the curses that have come upon our nation. In the midst of all this darkness and corruption, we are called to be “the salt of the earth [and] the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-14). In fact, there is no time like the present to be just that.

Let’s start with personal repentance for sin. All of us, myself included, would have to admit that we’ve been complicit in some way, whether by action or omission, in our culture’s slide into corruption for so many decades. I seriously doubt whether anyone, except perhaps the holiest cloistered nuns shut off from the world, has been untouched by the corruption.

The hopeful reversal of the curse, then, begins with our own repentance and reparation. We can all do our part to repair the damage done by personal or communal immorality. A few good ways to start are by going to confession, fasting, intercession, doing works of charity, and being ministers of truth are.

Our salt and light are particularly potent when we give them to the younger generations. The fact that so many young people have been corrupted, shows that Christians have been placing their light under a bushel basket for too long (Matthew 5:15). Every young person is open to influence.  When we have the chance to exercise the positive influence of our faith, God’s grace works.

Pray constantly

More important than anything, however, is our need to pray. We must pray constantly that God Himself will act to purify our nation of so much corruption. The rot is too deep for any individual, church or reform movement to undo. The rot really is systemic. This means, like metastasized cancer, it cannot just be cut out of the body politic. The corruption must be prayed out.


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