That You May Bear Much Fruit

Most everyone knows what it means to bear fruit in the natural sense of bringing children into the world, or in the financial sense of making an investment profitable. But what does it really mean [...]

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Wonder Woman: Anti-Feminist Superhero

  Please. No one tell Betty Friedan that a Greek goddess just smashed her feminist mystique. The Greek goddess in question is Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hyppolita, otherwise known as Wonder Woman. Technically [...]

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Jesus, Example of Virtue

By Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR Plant deep within us, Lord, all the virtues, that we might be devout in divine matters, discerning in human affairs, and burdensome to no one in fulfilling our own bodily [...]

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Darth Vader and the Golden Rule

Thanks to the Star Wars phenomenon that swept the world in the seventies, Darth Vader is arguably the world’s most recognizable villain. He symbolizes everything we fear about scoundrels: he’s warped, he’s cruel, he speaks [...]

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Surrounded by This Cloud of Witnesses

The month of November begins with a blaze of spiritual light: the Solemnity of All Saints. This feast day highlights the perpetual beauty of literally the most fascinating people in history: the men, women, and [...]

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