Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.
~Albert Camus

Racism Isn’t Systemic in America – Corruption Is

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There is almost nothing happening in American cities and capitals today that is honest. The claim of unrepentant, systemic racism is the spark that has lit the fire of the current social unrest. We’re told that racism is so deeply rooted in our nation’s consciousness that America is irredeemable.  That is an atrocious lie.  Racism [...]

The Terrible Effects of Eucharistic Deprivation

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Padre Pio once remarked that the world could more readily exist without the sun than without the Eucharist. What a remarkable statement. It is imperative, therefore, to take account of what we gain from the great gift of the Eucharist in our lives and also what we lose due to the terrible effects of [...]

Land of the Free Home of the Frightened

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One day last week I went on my daily run, which takes me down a long street where many people walk their dogs and get exercise. As I approached a lady who was trailing behind a cute little dog, I asked if I could pet him. The lady turned on me with a look of [...]

This Article is Not About the Coronavirus

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Are you tired yet of all the “all Coronavirus, all of the time” news coverage? I certainly am! Well, here’s some relief: this article is not about the Coronavirus. It’s about what comes after. Mom's Sage Advice My mom was a perceptive observer of humanity. Often, when one of her children would have a problem [...]

God Will Never Forgive Me For What I’ve Done

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 “God will never forgive me for what I’ve done.” This is often the desolate, hopeless cry of a woman who made a decision to abort her child. The people and circumstances that led to that decision years earlier matter little to her when she thinks about the event now. Even if she was coerced into [...]

Safeguarding Human Dignity through Mary

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The world does not share our belief in human dignity; it might proclaim it at times, but their actions speak otherwise. For Catholics, the essential value of the human person is intrinsic. It is not bestowed by decrees of governments or the changeable customs of societies but by God, in whose image and likeness we [...]

Your Next Indispensable Book for the Culture Wars

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Imagine Cicero in his study writing out his fiercely-reasoned jeremiads against a decaying Republic, which was rapidly abandoning the ancient virtues that built Roman civilization. His was a heroic attempt to stop his nation’s slide into tyranny and to bring renewal to his culture. As an enlightened pagan writing before the coming of Christ, he [...]

Jeffrey Epstein and Hell

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Famed Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel once quoted a saying from an ancient rabbinical text:  the angels weep whenever a soul is condemned to Hell.  Our Lord seemed to echo that angelic emotion with His agonized sweat in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night before He died. If the angels lament the loss of one [...]

Drag Queen Masculinity

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We live in the age of attacks on the very concept of masculinity. I do not wish to overstate the case by inferring that all effeminate male fashions and trends – such as man buns, skinny mom jeans, makeup for men, etc. – represent the death of masculinity. I do not think fashion has that [...]

A Spiritual War is Upon Us

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By now, only a comatose person is unaware of the cultural and political divisions in our country.    But just how did American society devolve into factions of people who hate each other? America was formed as a single nation but grew into the republic that it is today through an influx of many peoples who [...]