Praise for Peter Darcy

For No-Nonsense Non-Profit:

“Over a 40-year career in business, I read and was formed by, some of the Masters: Drucker, Peters, Porter, Collins, Lencioni, et al. Never, however, have I read a book that better-integrated leadership principals, business imperatives, cultural observation, Christian spirituality, and missionary initiative. When you finish, you will not only be wiser about what it takes to run a successful enterprise; you’ll find yourself challenged to become a better version of your best self.” ~Brian J. Gail, former CEO and best-selling author of the Fatherless series

“Working in the Catholic not-for-profit world for almost 40 years, I wish I had had this inspirational and practical treatise on leadership from the beginning. This insightful ‘pep-talk’ to aspiring leaders confirms convictions and provides an essential guide to leading a successful apostolate that is built to last.” ~Thomas McKenna President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family and author of The Fatima Century

For Mister Buddy’s Guide to Non-Profit Leadership:

“The author’s voice is experienced and authoritative, yet the book’s messaging is presented in a conversational voice so the information is welcomed, not viewed as a dry lecture…. The writing has an energy and pace that keeps a reader engaged and turning pages.” ~“Benjamin Franklin Book Awards”, Independent Book Publishers Association

For Peter Darcy’s ghostwritten works:

“A treasury of information about a fascinating man who has captured many hearts with his music and charisma. [This] story is heartrending and heartwarming . . . a witness of how the goodness of God can work miracles in anyone’s life.” ~ Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkansas and television host and commentator

“His book, in his honesty and drive for real perfection, is a story written in mystical sensitivity.” ~Mother Dolores Hart, Author, The Ear of the Heart

“[He] gives an accurate, in-depth and erudite history of the apparitions…. Interestingly told, the story behind them is not only fascinating but inspiring as well…” ~Father John Trigilio, PhD, author and ETWN television host

Peter Darcy’s writing “shows true care and utmost diligence.” ~Sir Raymond de Souza, Knights of Malta