Natures of Fire: God’s Magnificent Angels


2021 American Book Fest Finalist

What Readers Are Saying about Natures of Fire

“Peter Darcy has taken the wings off the cute cherubs and put swords in their hands.” ~Deacon Richard V.

“If I had to write a book on angels, I wish I could write one like this!” ~Fr. Nathanael D.

“As someone who has worked in church ministry for over 20 years the book did not disappoint! It is written in a clear and interesting manner with some humorous comments to make it a joy to read. People of all faiths will appreciate it.” ~Don K.

“This book increased my faith and confidence in praying to our guardian angels and separates fact from fiction in a way that makes it hard to put down. A must have in every Christian home.~Jenn G.

“I went to Catholic schools for 12+ years, but this book explained and applied the Bible so much better than any of the classes I took as a student. Darcy is surely a master educator.” ~Ray

“Darcy’s work is a masterful blend of scripture, tradition, and pristine language that engages and informs. I can’t recommend it enough.~Anon.

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Paperback Edition (5.5″ x 8.5″)

“A wonderfully simple, clear, entertaining, theologically correct and comprehensive book on those mysterious spiritual creatures called angels. In fact, it’s probably the only book on angels you’ll ever need!”

~Anthony DeStefano, bestselling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven and The Ten Prayers God Always Answers


Real angels have nothing to do with the images you’ve seen on holy cards. Their natures are so full of God’s holiness that the only adequate image we have to describe them is fire.

This 158-page book written in an easy, readable style will help you purge your mind of the false images of angels that our culture prefers and replace them with the vivid truths that our Church teaches about the angelic world.

Natures of Fire will teach you:

  • Nine myths about angels that you should stop believing right now;
  • That angels were not created to save you from car accidents (although they do that at times);
  • The reason why there are no female angels;
  • Why angels don’t really sing;
  • The two classes of angels that have wings (and the seven that don’t);
  • Why you must avoid one type of angel if you value your life;
  • Angel art throughout history: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Peter Darcy is an award-winning non-fiction author. Natures of Fire is his tenth book.


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