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Natures of Fire: God’s Magnificent Angels
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Natures of Fire: God’s Magnificent Angels is the parent book to this Study Guide. It roots out many of the spiritually incorrect notions of angels that the secular culture and other religious movements infuse into our general view of them.

Its primary purpose is to replace illusory notions of angels with faith-filled truth, which is best arrived at through the long-standing Christian tradition. Even art has an obligation to depict angels in a way that reflects the truth about their spiritual natures and their power.

This present Study Guide is meant to help the reader engage the process of gaining a deeper understanding of angels. The large amount of material presented in the book may seem overwhelming unless the reader looks carefully at specific issues and asks questions about some of the facts presented in the pages of the book.

Natures of Fire Study Guide will provide greater insight into the truths about God’s holy angels and can be useful for both individual readers and group discussions.


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